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Free cPanel Hosting With Subdomain 2023

Most users or bloggers or business owners are required Free cPanel Hosting With Subdomain 2023. The main reason behind this is that they will need both cPanel and be able to create subdomains as well in the future.

So, here we give you a list of 8 options or platforms where you can very easily get completely free hosting with cPanel. Not only this but also, but they can create subdomains also such that they create multiple domains as well.

List of 8+ Free cPanel Hosting With Subdomain 2023:

  1. The Ultra Host:

The Ultra Host - Free Web Hosting

The Ultra Host is another best platform where the users can easily get free web hosting and offer a cPanel as well. If we talk about its subdomains, you can able to create unlimited subdomains also.

Let’s See Top Features:

  • Free SSL
  • Create Unlimited Sub Domains
  • Get Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Get Lifetime Free Website Hosting
  • Single Click WordPress Installation
  • CDN Free
  • Website Builder for Free
  • Host Single Domain Free

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2. x10Hosting:


x10Hosting is another popular platform that is most of the time demanded by bloggers or newbies. It gives free cloud hosting that’s why it offers super fast performance as well. On another hand, the users will able to deliver awesome services and it is performing well for a long decade in the online market.


  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Compatible with Other Languages Like PHP, MySQL, Apache, etc.
  • Host 2 Domains Only
  • Create Single Subdomain
  • 3 Email Accounts

3. Freehosting:

Free Hosting

Freehosting is another best free hosting platforms where the users can enjoy both services free as well as paid also. This one is also famous for providing free domains as well that’s why this platform is much more famous.


  • Allows to Create of Several Subdomains
  • MySQL, PHP 7
  • Get A Single Domain Also

4. GigaRocket:


GigaRocket is very beneficial for users who have a small business or can handle it individually. It offers cPanel and is also able to host multiple subdomains there.

The amount of space storage is about to be 5GB and the bandwidth of approximately 50GB such that there is very less chance of the website down. On this platform, the email format has been provided are POP3 and IMAP.

On here, you will get multiple features or offers such as SSL certifications, cloudfare CDN, and also you will get DDoS protection also. The latest processor has been included in it is the Intel Xeon processor and also has CDN technology.

5. Infinity Free:

Infinity Free Web Hosting

Infinity Free is also one of the wondering places where users will able to free services or hosting. It’s a free platform but the users must need to know that, it only allows them to create free domains but basically use for getting traffic on their main domain.

The experts always suggest this hosting for bloggers or newbies because it offers 99.99% uptime and it will quickly live website. On other hand, some additional features are added to this platform like PHP, MySQL, and SSL certification, and also well get Cloudfare CDN service.

6. Ajenti (Free cPanel Hosting With Subdomain 2023):

Ajenti is also giving the cPanel feature to the user once they will bought hosting. It will also help the user to very easily manage their platform where they manage their subdomains. The technical support feature has been included in it thus they can smoothly.

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If you worry about its security, it has built its platform on Linux thus it provides more protection as compared to others. Compatible with languages are Python and JavaScript also.

7. Froxler:

Froxler is a very lightweight server and comes with a managed server tool that helps to live websites globally. It’s not giving free service but is much more cost-effective. Again cPanel feature is included.


  • Supported languages are PHP & MySQL
  • Free SSL
  • Manage Their Servers
7. YunoHost:

YunoHost is again one of the famous free hosting websites and comes with a 24/7 technical support facility. A user-friendly platform has been included in it thus the user is able to easily handle their website and manage it smoothly.

Users will get cPanel on here but they need to host their domain individually. On another hand, allows users an advanced email facility and also extra advanced security features also.


Every blogger or newbie who wants to exist their online business then looking for Free cPanel Hosting With Subdomain 2023. So, stop worrying about it because here we give you a list of the best and expertly suggest websites that will help you host your website for completely free.

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