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Windows VPS Hosting Free in 2023

If you planned to host a website or domain on a Windows VPS Hosting Free in 2023? Then you are definitely at the right place where you will get unlimited space and bandwidth.

On the other hand, we provide some lists that offer awesome websites which is much more popular since 2022 that have super features. All the provided websites are suggested by experts that are really beneficial for hosting.

Trending 7+ Windows VPS Hosting Free in 2023 (2 & 4 Is Top Rated):

Windows VPS Hosting Free in 2023

  1. The Ultra Host (Unlimited VPS Hosting):

The Ultra Host - Free Web Hosting

The Ultra Host is a really wonderful hosting platform that offers completely free VPS Hosting for all domain holders. It helps to get full control of hosting thus you can manage all things and have better features rather than shared hosting.

Top Features:

  • 1 Domain host Free
  • Get Unlimited Hosting For Free
  • Upto 10 Gb Free Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Create Sub Domains
  •  Manage More Features Rather Than Shared
  • No Ads will be displayed, etc.
  • Best Windows VPS Hosting Free in 2023

2. Kamtera:


Kamtera is a platform where it also offers plenty of features. The users will get a 30days free trial and on another hand, it will also offer limitations as well.

Here You Will Receive the Below Features:

  • Supported with Windows & Linux
  • Launch Within 6o Seconds
  • Get 24/7 Technical Support
  • 30 Days Free Trial Available
  • Get 20Gb – 1TB SSD Storage
  • Bandwidth Approximately 5TB
  • RAM provided up to 32GB

3. Cloudways:


Cloudways is a very popular website that offers amazing features at a low price or for free. It offers only a 3-day free trial only to get checked from your end.

Let’s See the Features:

  • Free SSL
  • Free Website Migration
  • Free CDN
  • Get 25% Off using code
  • Bandwidth Upto 20TB
  • Get RAM up to 384GB
  • Offer CPU 1 to 96
  • Operating System of Linux

4. A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting offers the best VPS hosting service it will charge up to 4.99$ on a monthly basis. But, once you will purchased then get additional services like large RAM, Space, Bandwidth, and many more.

Top Features:

  • Free CDN
  • Multilingual technical support
  • Get Unlimited Database
  • Starting With 4GB RAM
  • Get Setup Time 7 Minutes
  • Disk Space of 150Gb to 450 GB of SSD
  • RAM Upto 32GB

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5. InterServer.Net:

InterServer is also offering 0.01$ for the first month then after then, it will charge approximately 6$ per month. It’s built on PHP, MySQL, Python, and Ruby.

The operating system that has been provided is 7 and which is basically applicable to Linux or Windows as well. On another part, it gives full root access and a choice for the data center.


  • The Setup Time Will Be 6 Minutes
  • Overall Disk Space is between 30GB to 40GB
  • The Space Type is SSD
  • CPUs are 1 to 16
  • RAM is Provided Between 2GB RAM to 32GB RAM
6. x10 Hosting:


x10 Hosting is also another free hosting service provider which helps to host websites freely. The users will get unlimited space or storage thus it will easily manage all large files of the website.


  • Get Unlimited Bandwidth
  • RAM Approximately 512MB
  • Storage Approximately Get Unlimited
  • Operating System of Linux
  • 1 Provide IP Address
7. Giga Rocket:

The GigaRocket is also a good platform but it has a requirement of server space to join users and also participate in the company’s forum.

Let’s Look Features:

  • Storage Upto 25GB
  • RAM Upto 1GB
  • Linux Operating System
  • 2 IP Addresses Provided
  • CPU Core Only 1


The Best Windows VPS Hosting Free in 2023 is The Ultra Host and we also provide a list of top websites that are currently this service. On another end, just try to use 1st website which is really working and unlocks massive features.

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